“Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.” -Barbara De Angelis

Campin’ Girl grew out of my search for some source of solitude – something to do besides work, take care of my husband and furkids, and generally just keep spinning on that hamster wheel and desperately try to keep from wiping out. I hit a “certain age,” and started wondering if this was all there was. The idea of waking up one day having lived my life with nothing but work to show for it just didn’t seem right. So I started making jewelry and went out and bought a vintage camper. Drastic, right? Men having midlife crises buy expensive sports cars, but I bought a trailer that’s nearly as old as I am and in serious need of a makeover (the camper, not me. Well, OK, I could probably use one, too!).

So I have a camper and like any hobby, you can’t do it without all kinds of gadgets. So I’ve been accumulating all kinds of must-have accessories, and will be using this site to talk about my adventures.

In my day jobs (yes, plural) I write and teach others to write. So why not make writing about my camping hobby my job? If nothing else, I can use it to sell some of the jewelry I’m making so it doesn’t pile up around the house.

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