Adventures are no fun unless they’re shared, right? So this page is where I’m sharing my adventures. Some will be on my own, and some will be with my husband, dogs, my sister or Sisters. “Sisters” means members of Sisters on the Fly, a women’s outdoor adventure group that I’m a member of, or as my husband is fond of pointing out, it’s like “adult Girl Scouts with alcohol. This isn’t necessarily because we get together to get hammered, but because you wouldn’t expect sane, sober adults to wear some of the get ups we do, and to get involved in some of the things we do. Glamping [aka glamour camping], junkin’ [going to antique stores and rummage sales], fishin’ and campin’ in vintage campers – and tents, cars, modern rigs, or anything else we can come up with – are just some of the things we get up to. Just for the record, I’m Sister #5726, which basically means I was late to the party – you get your very own number when you join, so you can tell how long you’ve been a member by how low your number is. Right now, we’re rapidly heading for the 10,000s. So check out the photos from my recent adventures.

Palouse Falls State Park, Washington

This past summer I went out to my sister’s (who is also a Sister) in northern Idaho for a major tri-state camping event called the Northwest Gathering. Before the official festivities, we made a trip over to Palouse Falls State Park to see the 200 foot falls, which dries up after the spring thaw. But while it flows, it’s one of the most gorgeous falls out there. For such a busy place, the actual park around the falls is surprisingly peaceful when you’re there. The views of the falls are impressive, and you can walk along the edge of the bluffs for quite a distance. What no one talks about are the gorgeous views of the canyon walls leading in to the falls. But you have to get to the falls before the summer dry season hits, because my sister tells me these impressive falls dry up during the summer months. 

Glacier National Park, Montana

This past July the Sisters took over West Glacier Campground just two weeks before the big fires started by Lake McDonald. That is some of the most beautiful country anywhere. I could spend hours just looking at the otherworldly colors of the rocks smoothed by the glacial waters. The fly fishing was fun, the Road to Heaven tour in the vintage red busses is not to be missed, and the river rafting is at the top of my list to try again – for a full day this time. We saw bighorn sheep (too far away for a picture, though), deer, elk, antelope, and a mountain goat that was intent on following my sister down the mountain. Pictures to follow soon.

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