All a Girl Needs is Her Truck

It’s March, and you know what that means. Camping season!! Well, not yet, not in the Midwest, anyway. But a girl can dream, can’t she? After a long winter that reset my ideas of what bitter cold are – polar vortex, anyone? – I am past ready to get outdoors and forget about cold temperatures. But the cold insists on hanging around for a few more weeks, so I’m keeping myself distracted by prepping for the upcoming camping season: sorting the camping gear that had to spend the winter stuffed in an upstairs closet, booking camping spots, and this year, getting a new tow vehicle.

So last night my husband and I spent what felt like forever in our local Ford dealership, trading for a 2018 Ford F250 Super Duty XL truck. For those of us who normally speak English, that stands for “plain old big ass truck,” the kind you tend to see at construction sites, or pulling horse trailers down the road.

Meet Bear II, my new tow vehicle.

This beastie will tow anything I care to, while still being manageable in city traffic. But getting Bear means I had to say farewell to my first love, the Midnight Rider.

Midnight Rider

While still relatively young, Midnight Rider was relatively light for the terrain and towing I needed to do. So after one last picture with the Rider, I transferred to the Bear, named for my camping buddy that we lost last fall to insulinoma at only 7 years old.

The original Bear

So with the addition of Bear II, nicknamed The Beastie, I’m ready to go! I’ll be blogging about my adventures as the season goes along. I’ve got trips planned to Idaho, Washington, North Dakota, Illinois, and hopefully other places in between. I hope you’ll join me!

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